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Why we exist

Morphic Asset Management is a global equity investment manager based in Sydney. It manages the Morphic Global Opportunities Fund for high net worth, retail and institutional investors.

The Joint Chief Investment Officers, Jack Lowenstein and Chad Slater, set up Morphic in 2012 after working together for many years at a large Sydney based global equity manager where they established an excellent track record.

Jack and Chad founded Morphic to offer savers an opportunity to invest alongside them in a fund that combines the quality stock picking for which they made their name within a modern risk management framework.

We believe we can generate excess return through the cycle with some downside protection, delivering a better compound rate of return over time.

The investment team is a substantial and growing investor in the Fund and holds a majority stake in Morphic Asset Management. Ascalon Capital, the boutique fund manager investor business of Westpac, has a strategic stake in the business and is also a large investor in the Fund.

what we do

As investors in the Fund, the team aims to deliver global equity market performance during good times and, through the use of hedging, endeavours to protect capital when things get tough. 

If you share these objectives and have a time horizon of at least three years, the Morphic Global Opportunities Fund may be suitable for you, and we encourage you to learn more about our team and process.

how we do it

Morphic understands that markets change and that “change creates opportunity”, so no single strategy is likely to be best suited for all markets or at all times. It has formed a durable but adaptive approach involving a flexible blend of investment strategies - all within a rigorous risk management framework.

The highly diverse team of investment professionals, with a range of academic credentials, business backgrounds and eclectic interests, works together to identify world-class investment opportunities. In pursuit of differentiated, moneymaking ideas for our investors, the team conducts research through a variety of lenses: fundamental, quantitative, macroeconomic, and technical.

Research is not confined by geography or sector but is focused on a rigorous search for ideas that meet the firm’s defined investment criteria and standards. This process has allowed Morphic to include in its portfolio investments rarely found in most other global equity funds.