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The Ethical Money Man: Jack Lowenstein

In early 2017 Morphic Asset Management co-founder and stock picker, Jack Lowenstein, announced the creation of an Ethical Investment Fund that won’t invest in mining, alcohol, tobacco, factory farming, old growth forest logging or armaments. Since then, his 16 and 19 year old daughters have suddenly become incredibly engaged with what he does. Not only is he out to make steady returns for his investors, he understands they want it to be done in a way that leaves the world a better place …


John: So I’m sitting here in downtown Sydney in Macquarie Street with Jack Lowenstein. Jack’s what’s commonly known as a stock picker, a funds manager, but Jack’s always been a little bit different. He’s a disrupter and a pioneer in what’s known as ethical investing and we’re going to talk to Jack today about his Customer Centricity and the way the investment markets have been run and evolve during his career. Jack welcome to Customers Matter.


Jack: Thank you very much indeed.

John: Okay so Jack you and I first met, I dread saying this but it was more than twenty years ago…

Jack: I think it’s pushing close to thirty actually, it’s pretty scary, we’re so young still.


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