SelfManagedSuper Magazine - Ethical LIC will appeal to SMSFS - Morphic Asset Management

SMS Magazine – Ethical LIC will appeal to SMSFS

Ethically screened listed investment company (LIC) Morphic Ethical Equities Fund, the first launched in over a decade, is expected to align well with SMSF investors’ growing desire for environmental, social and corporate governance, and responsible investing.

“There’s been a lot of interest and from SMSFs there are some who want an ethical screen, so it was a question of whether an LIC is the right vehicle and I believe it is because the LIC structure gives great alignment between investors and managers,” Morphic Asset Management managing director Jack Lowenstein told selfmanagedsuper.


Lowenstein played a leading role in building one of Australia’s premier ethical investment managers, Hunter Hall, and took part in the launch of Australia’s only previously ethically screened LIC, Hunter Hall Global Value.

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