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PRI Annual Reporting – Morphic graded A+

As a PRI signatory, we are committed to the six principles covering the incorporation of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues in our investment process, and our stewardship and engagement activities. We actively promote and collaborate with other responsible investors and aspire to the highest levels of transparency in all of these areas.

We are proud that the integration of ESG issues in both our investment strategy and governance structures, and our stewardship activities as an active investor have been validated by the recently published PRI 2019 Assessment Report.

For the key modules we achieved the following scores:

01. Strategy & Governance A+ (versus a median score of A)
10. Listed Equity – Incorporation A+ (versus a median score of B)
11. Listed Equity – Active Ownership A+ (versus a median score of B)


For all of the underlying modules related to both Incorporation and Active Ownership we also consistently scored A+.


Figure 1 – Morphic’s scores vs its peers


Source: PRI 2019 Assessment Report for Morphic

A description of the PRI Assessment and its methodology can be found at the following link:


Our 2019 Assessment and Transparency Reports can be found below:

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