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Bloomberg Markets | Only One Major Asian Stock Market Has Shrunk This Decade

Chad Slater was on Bloomberg Markets to discuss the Australian market.



23 May 2017

Peter Switzer interviewed Morphic co-founder and managing director Jack Lowenstein. All you need to know about Morphic.


Nabtrade | Meet the Manager - Morphic

14 March 2017

Morphic's Jack Lowenstein discusses the Morphic Ethical Equities Fund IPO with nabtrade.


LIVEWIRE | Expert Insights

10 January 2017

What could be the Black Swan event of 2017? Interview with Morphic's Joint CIO Chad Slater.


Livewire | Expert Insights

13 July 2016

Chad Slater, Joint-CIO of Morphic Asset Management, unveils his strategies to help protect portfolios from volatility.


Livewire | Expert insights

12 July 2016

Chad Slater from Morphic Asset Management says investors are running out of ammo and the market looks set to rip higher.


Livewire | Expert Insights

19 May 2016

 Chad Slater from Morphic Asset Management: what is active management?


Livewire | Expert Insights

12 May 2016

Chad Slater from Morphic Asset Management says the latest policy movements from the RBA look set to stoke the fires of a massive asset price bubble.


Livewire | Expert Insights

11 January 2016

Chad Slater, Joint-CIO at Morphic Asset Management, says there are three clear indicators that suggest the 'Bull Market, which has been in flight since 2009, is now coming to an end.


Livewire | Expert Insights

24 November 2015

Chad Slater from Morphic Asset Management says that with the December meeting almost guaranteed to deliver a US rate hike the real question facing investors is what happens in 2016.


Livewire | Expert Insights

17 November 2015

Chad Slater, joint Chief Investment Officer at Morphic Asset Management, says the history of US interest rate cycles sheds some light on why the market is so obsessed with the Fed's next move.


Livewire | Expert Insights

8 October 2015

Meet the Manager. Morphic Asset Management for Future Generation Global Investment Company ASX:FGG.


Livewire | Expert Insights

22 August 2015

Chad Slater joint CIO at Morphic Asset Management ran a short position in Origin Energy (ASX:ORG) into reporting.


Livewire | eXPERT iNSIGHTS

22 August 2015

Chad Slater, Joint-CIO of Morphic Asset Management has strong views on why the market has lost faith in the Fed's communication.