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An ethical listed investment company working for change.

The IPO is now closed and MEC has commenced trading on ASX on 3 May 2017.

For any queries regarding your application or the offering, please call +61 2 9194 6707 or email

Our world, environment and society is changing rapidly. If unaddressed, climate and demographic change will have serious consequences for our well-being and economic security.







For more information on our Ethical Charter or to view an independent audit of the Morphic Ethical Equities Fund please click here:


The Portfolio will exclude direct investments in entities involved in environmental destruction, including coal and uranium mining, oil and gas, intensive animal farming and aquaculture, tobacco and alcohol, armaments, gambling and rainforest and old growth logging.  

A minimum of 5% of the portfolio will be invested in the Securities of entities that the Manager believes are working to make a positive future for the world we live in.

Morphic Ethical Equities Fund Limited (Company) has been set up to provide investors a way to grow their wealth and feel confident they do so without investing in businesses that harm the environment, people, and society.

The Company’s Investment Strategy is to construct an ethically screened Portfolio, designed to provide superior risk adjusted returns by providing both capital growth and dividends. 

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Why Morphic?

Founded in 2012 and with performance up by 17.13% pa*, we are focused, vigilant and agile in our approach and believe the financial industry can leverage capitalist principles to create a better world.

Morphic will give 2.5% of its fees from managing the Fund to Bush Heritage, a charity that focuses on Australian species preservation through land conservation.

*To September 17. For more information click here.

Morphic Ethical Equities Fund Roadshow

During the IPO, the Morphic Ethical Equities team have been travelling around Australia & New Zealand to present the new fund, meet investors and answer questions. We have been overwhelmed by the attendance and support of investors.

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