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best way to growth you wealth is to avoid losses

[What do you do?]

Investing can be a daunting task

Broad selection of best companies across the world.  Jack's video on the right (perhaps amend to talk about risk only)

When talking about team emphesize Chad's career in the government

[Why should I care?]

Do you want to spend all day managing your portfolio? Yeah, we didn't think so.

[Do others care?]

Three quotes from existing customers (with pictures). Someone civil servants can relate to.  

[So how do you do what you say you do?]

We are leaders in risk management. Our parents told us not to boast, but we think no other fund does it as well as we do.

Chart of worst 10 months for ASX and compare to our fund 

[How will my life improve?]

Sleep safe. Good diversification for Australian equities

[Why is it safe for me to believe you?]

Ratings + "featured in AFR, Sky Business News, etc". Avoid Asia Hedge - hedge funds are risky

[Let’s say I believe you. Now what?]

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